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Smokey the Bear shirt

Smokey the Bear shirt

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Smokey the bear says, "I hate people."

Smokey the bear is a fictional character created by the Ad Council and the USDA Forest Service to teach children about fire safety. He's also known for his famous line, "Only you can. prevent forest fires."

But now he's got a new line: "I hate people."

We're not sure what's gotten into Smokey. Could it be that he had too much caffeine at breakfast? Or maybe he's sick of people who leave their shopping carts in the lot? Possibly he's just sick of people burning shit? What ever it is, we can absolutely agree with him.

Printed on a super soft T shirt you too can let people know that you agree with Smokey.


The perfect gift for:

  • An introvert
  • Someone who works retail
  • Anyone who has ever been in traffic
  • Probably you


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