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Rise and Shine shirt

Rise and Shine shirt

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Rise and Shine Assholes

Wake up and smell the roses!

It’s 5 am, the sun is barely peaking over the mountains, and it’s time to get your ass out of bed and greet the day! There’s only one right shirt to choose for the occasion, and it’s our Rise and Shine Assholes ¾ sleeve baseball tee. The shirt that lets the world know that if you’re up, they need to be up too. Whether you’re heading out for a morning fishing trip or you’re the person that wakes up with too much energy, let everyone know it’s time to get going!


The perfect gift for:

  • That morning person in your life
  • Your friend who can’t sleep past 7 am
  • The adventurer who’s always in charge of getting everyone up
  • The family member with way too much energy in the morning
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